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This is my first time to post on this particular forum. I have been searching for some specification on a transformer all over the internet when I happened upon this forum. I am not an electrical engineer, just a tinker that sometimes gets in over his head. I am attempting to make a DC power supply and I need a step down transformer that will provide me with about 16 volts at about 50 amps. I acquired a transformer that is purposed to meet those requirements but I have some doubts.

The markings of the transformer are as follows:.

Toroidal Transformers

Attached are several pictures. If my memory serves me correctly it looks like it came out of a UPS. I was instructed to apply volts to the yellow and white wires and then connect the blue and black wires together. That is supposed to yield He when on to tell me that I could get Or finally I could get Pretty versatile transformer if it can truly fulfill those claims and useful information as UPS transformer are easy to come by.

I tried to get information and googled every combination of the above listed numbers I could think of and kept coming up with UPS information but no one that was using this type transformer as a simple step down transformer. I'm not at all clear as to how a UPS transformer is wound. Some pages hinted that they are a bidirectional transformer that functions as either a step up or a step down transformer depending on the cycle the UPS unit is in.

Any assistance you all can provide will be greatly appreciated. Save me from the plug it in an hope method.

800va transformer

I have some doubts from looking at the pictures. What are the physical dimensions of the transformer? This is quite common to have a primary with a number of taps to allow adjustment of the output voltage.

800va transformer

Unfortunately as this appears to have come out of a UPS it is likely going to be difficult to find any data on it being likely a custom-made transformer. Do you know what UPS it came out of? A 50A output would need about 6-gauge wire. That might give a hint. The scale is hard to determine, but this transformer doesn't look that large. I have run into this problem before, electronic parts that are manufactured for a specific customer for use in their product and only marked with a unique part number.

A call to the manufacturer resulted in the comments 'manufactured for a specific job for a specific customer, no datasheets or specifications are available'. It's quite heavy, I would guess without actually weighing it to be around 15 pounds. The smaller leads are about 16 gauge and the other two leads coming out of the other side are about 12 gauge.

The inline fuse is rated at 15 amps.Best and cheap VA toroidal transformers is single phase, made with cold rolled silicon steel core and pure copper winding and lead. High Efficiency: Winding matches core perfectly, which makes the transformer more efficiency. Long Service Life: With high quality materials and manufacturing technology, the transformer can be used for 30 years. Less Noise: The core is seamlessly rolled and the winding is set evenly over it, which makes the transformer quiet when it is working.

Less Radiation: Toroidal structure and winding technology reduce electromagnetic radiation. With the advantages of small size, low noise, low heat generation and high conversion efficiency, the toroidal transformer has been widely used in areas such as industrial automation equipment, instruments, medical and health, as well as household appliances.

The toroidal transformer is mainly composed of coil and annular core, and the coil can be further divided into primary coil and secondary coil. Among them, some toroidal transformers have shielding layers between the primary and secondary windings, which are generally used in instruments and high-end audio equipment, so what is the function of shielding layer?

800va transformer

My Account Register Log in Wishlist 0. Back Servo Motors. Back AC Servo Motors. Back AC Gear Motors. Back Variable Frequency Drives.

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Two points should be paid attention to when using the control transformer: One is the power of the transformer, the other is the correct wiring. The total power of the load connected to the secondary side shall not be greater than the power of the control transformer, and short circuit is not allowed. The primary and secondary wiring of the control transformer shall not be wrongly connected, especially the primary side wiring.

The voltage value of the primary side shall be marked on its terminal. It is not allowed to connect the V power line to the V terminal, but the V power line can be connected to the V terminal.

transformer 800va

At this time, all the output voltage of the secondary side will be reduced by 1. The secondary side load shall be connected to the corresponding terminal according to its rated voltage, for example, the 6. My Account Register Log in Wishlist 0. Back Servo Motors. Back AC Servo Motors.

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Back Current Sensor Displacement Sensor. Back Magnetostrictive Sensor. Back Endoscope Generator. Back Data Transfer Unit.Standard Mini Series Toroidal Transformers. Our complete range of standard Toroidal Transformers is available through our Worldwide Sales Representative and Distributor network. Use the selector below to see if a toroidal transformer is available through distribution. Make your selection s using the drop-down lists and the table below will automatically update to show only those transformers matching your selections.

If you need our assistance, please Contact Usor email sales talema. There may be some minor differences between the transformers available from each distributor such as colour codes, primary winding configuration, dimensions, etc. We advise you to double-check the distributors' datasheets before ordering. Talema excels at designing and manufacturing custom magnetic components. To get started, select a product type and then fill out the form with the specs for your design.

Secondary Voltages All 6 7 9 10 12 15 18 20 22 24 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 VA Rating All 1. Don't see what you're looking for? Custom Designs.A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. Supplier Types Trade Assurance. Supplier A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Supplier Location.

Order : OK. Ready to Ship.

800va transformer

Phase Single Three Single Phase. BusinessType transformer va suppliers. Contact Supplier. Q6: How is the delivery time 9 A6: It depends your order quantity and it normally takes days.

According to the number of products, we will provide easily damaged accessories for free. JBK5 va step down transformer v to v. Toroidal power transformer va 60v 60v. JBK series VA single phase control transformer. Whenyou use the multiwindings multi control voltage when transformer, the capacity shouldaccording to the ratiovoltage corresponding increase transformer capacity, in order toavoid burns out the transformer. Before the installment, should examine the data plate to arrange in order each data car-efully whether conforms to your requirement, after confirmed unmistakable, only then installs the use.

In the transportation,should avoid colliding as far as possible, is sure not to be affectedwith damp, when use, please note maintains, protects the transformer service life.

Model Rated output voltage Vd. Output current mA 1 10W 0. Custom made transformer v 18v va v 12v v with factory price. BK step down va single phase control transformer v 12v. They are for current or voltage measuring and protection, delivering high accuracy in measuring metering. All outside parts, such as terminal box and mounting plate, are made of corrosion proof materials.

A great of products have owned proprietary intellectual property rights and core technology. Good transformer 50kva va va from China Supplier. Tower crane transformer va. Power toroidal audio input transformer va. ST 12v dc to v ac distribution step up down transformer VA. Hot sales BK- VA series power electrical control transformer.

BK VA 6. Picture Description three phase Voltage Transformer Summary The potential transformers are casting resin insulated, fully enclosed products. The fusible cutout is the primary winding's terminal, The fusible cutout's fused current can match the transformer's short-circuit force.

If you are not totally satisfied with the item including quality problem, failed parts which show faulty workmanship or material. About product and suppliers: transformer va products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.

A wide variety of transformer va options are available to you, such as audio, power, and lighting. You can also choose from single, three, and single phase transformer va There are suppliers who sells transformer va on Alibaba. Related Search: china e power transformer china va power transformer china nature transformation china transformer 5va china power transformer 5va china 3 5va transformer china audi vas china vas a for audi vw china wave va china vas supplier toroidal transformer v 24v 60va 50 va transformer transformer va transformer va 20va transformer 60va v 24v lighting transformer autotransformer va transformer 2 va china vas volkswagen china double va china vas b supplier china vas supplier china vas manufacturers supplier china necklaces va transformers va transformer va va v transformer magnet masque 3m respirator.Medium-voltage transformers.

Medium-voltage transformers provide value and reliability, with a variety of options to increase system protection and environmental responsibility. Transformers are available in standard and customizable designs to meet utility, commercial and industrial applications. Need help understanding the fundamentals of medium-voltage transformers? Read now. Go to Arc-reduction VFI transformer. Arc-reduction VFI transformer.

Go to Completely self-protected single-phase overhead transformer. Completely self-protected single-phase overhead transformer. Go to Completely self-protected single-phase pad-mounted transformer. Completely self-protected single-phase pad-mounted transformer.

Go to Conventional single-phase overhead transformer. Conventional single-phase overhead transformer. Go to Conventional single-phase pad-mounted transformer. Conventional single-phase pad-mounted transformer. Go to Envirotran critical load substation transformer.

Envirotran critical load substation transformer. Go to Envirotran critical load three-phase pad-mounted transformer. Envirotran critical load three-phase pad-mounted transformer.

Go to Envirotran hardened data center substation transformer. Envirotran hardened data center substation transformer.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Call Toll Free: 1. Let's start with an introduction for those not familiar with transformers in the lighting industry Hint: they are not shape-shifting creatures. There are two types of lighting systems: Line voltage and low voltage. Line voltage simply means that your lighting fixtures may be plugged in directly to an electrical outlet or hardwired directly to a power source.

The voltage that the light fixture needs is the same as the voltage supplied from your wall. Low voltage lighting systems require lower voltage to operate than the typical power source supplies. So, if the power source in your wall outputs volts, low voltage lighting fixtures require an input of just 12 or 24 volts. That's why you need a low voltage transformer - to convert the voltage from your power source to the amount your lighting fixture needs!

Occasionally, the transformer is built right in to the lighting fixture - in which case there's no need for this guide. The decision has been made for you! However, if the transformer is separate, you'll need to make sure it is compatible with your lighting fixtures. Follow this guide to make your selection in four steps :. Low voltage lighting systems operate on either 12 or 24 volts. The easiest way to start filtering out the right transformer is to determine if the low voltage light fixture you need to power requires 12 or 24 volts.

Medium-voltage transformers

Also, determine whether your power source outputs or volts. Most power sources in the U. There are a few pros and cons to consider here. Electronic transformers have an additional electronic device called an inverter that enables them to be much smaller than magnetic transformers. So, if you need to tuck the transformer into a tight space, you might want to veer toward an electronic transformer.

Another advantage to an electronic transformer is that it can be reset at the wall switch if there's an overload. Although magnetic transformers are somewhat larger and heavier, they are more durable than electronic transformers and they tend to last longer.

Now that you've determined whether you're looking for a volt magnetic transformer, volt electronic transformer, volt electronic transformer, or volt magnetic transformer that's a mouthful!

Each transformer has a "maximum wattage load. The rule here is that the maximum wattage load of your transformer must be equal to or larger than the total wattage of all the light fixtures you are connecting to it. Let's say you have one light fixture with one watt light bulb for the transformer mentioned above.

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